Changing rooms for 2020

As a professional tiler, there are endless opportunities to facilitate change.  Change in designs and looks for rooms of all types, commercial rooms, domestic rooms, interior and exterior rooms. Working with pattern and colour, the varying shapes and sizes of tiles and challenging the brain to work out the most effective, efficient and economical way […]

Can You Tile Over Existing Tiles?

It is an often-asked question. The short answer is, yes, absolutely you can tile over tiles. In fact, a lot of the basic rules for tiling still apply, exactly as they do for any surface. Without a sound, solid base, no tiling job will ever be perfect. What to consider before tiling over tiles. If […]

Ceramic vs Porcelain – which is best?

There are many factors to consider when choosing tiles including whether it is a domestic or commercial project, the cost, an interior or exterior project, flooring or walling, the room type and choice of designs. Historically, there has been some form of ceramic tile in existence for more than 25,000 years with the oldest of […]

Tiled Bathrooms: The Finishing Touches

The tiles are perfectly flat and the grout had filled the joints with crisp lines. Now it’s time to add those fine details that will give the bathroom a luxurious feel. Right to the edge. Tiling can be an underappreciated skill. And it really is a skill. A great tiling job can be spoiled by […]

What Colour Is Best For Floor Tiles?

What Colour Is Best For Floor Tiles? Like all the big questions, the answer is often “it depends”. So what does the choice of floor tiles depend on? The purpose of the room. The size of the room. The style of the house. The existing colour scheme. What is the room used for? Porches, conservatories […]