Here are some of the popular questions that we answer everyday

No, our courses are designed to take you from scratch up to a professional level in tiling. We quickly show you the correct methods of how to tile and you will be amazed at the speed of your progress day by day

No, If your thinking of trading around peoples homes there is no legislation to say that you need to be qualified to be a domestic tiler, all you need is the competence to do the job and that is what we will teach you, we give you quality certificates in wall and floor tiling anyway but they are not required. If you wish to go on a building site at a later date then you would require a CSCS (health and safety) card and an NVQ. We have had thousands of people whom we have taught over the last 18 years that are successfully running their own tiling business after completing our course.

Tilers charge about £30-40 per metre for fixing only, that equates to about £750-£1000 for a 25 square metre average bathroom (2-3 days), a 12 square metre conservatory floor can achieve £350-£400, this would be completed in 1 day, on top of that you can add the adhesive and tile profits that you can supply. Lots of our students make their course fees back in the first week of trading. What have you got to loose, you will have those tiling skills forever. Tilers usually charge £250 – 300 per day for labour only

No training centre can offer an NVQ tiling course, some do but they are slightly misleading, an NVQ is an assessment of your tiling skills after you have left the training centre and are out in the workplace. The NVQ qualification cannot be assessed in a training centre or any simulated environment, an assessor would have to visit you a couple of times at your place of work and go through the 5 modules with you to create your NVQ portfolio. This NVQ is only required if you are looking to work on a building site where you would also gain a CSCS card. If you are domestic tiling trading then there is no need for this qualification.
Once you have completed your course with UK Pro Tiling Training, if at any time you do require an NVQ, we can put you in touch with a local NVQ assessor in your area who will take you through the process of achieving one, there will be a cost paid directly by yourself to the assessor for this qualification.

On all of our courses you will be following a proven course program that we have taught over 8000 people on, Professional tile fixing demonstrations are given throughout the program then you will be following along and practicing the skills until you master them, Tutors are always on hand to put you right or answer any questions along the way  You will be tiling like a professional in no time at  all

Darren is the lead tiling instructor, 32 years self employed,  over 18 years of professional tiling training experience, over 8000 people taught. Qualifications, NVQ LEVEL 1, 2 and 3, PETTLES teachers qualification, A1 NVQ assessors qualification

We have an unbelievable track record with thousands of testimonials over the years, our course is so well structured and the demonstrations are explained so clearly its hard not to follow and do a good tiling job. We expect you to achieve a very high standard by the time you complete, most people cannot believe what they have actually produced and how quickly they start trading for a living

No, All the pictures on this site are taken from people who have done the actual course who have had little to no prior tiling experience, 90% of people have never put a tile on the wall before, just shows you what you can achieve whilst completing our fast track courses and the standard of finish you can expect.

Yes. We have an enviable reputation through out the UK for generating tiling businesses and we specialise in career changing courses so you are not only coming to us for tiling instruction, we run a full business tiling program which is designed to help you succeed as a self employed tiler. Not only do we teach you the best and latest tiling methods out there, we take you through all the best ways to find work, how to price and measure jobs correctly, how to keep accounts, tax etc, how to sell your services and yourself to your customers, After leaving the course you should know which direction to take to start off your new career.

Yes, over the last 16 years we have had countless success stories of people who have completed this course and done very well, the structure of the course is superb and details everything you need to know to get started quickly including setting up the tiling business finding work, pricing and doing the job correctly.

Yes absolutely, you will be following your practical tiling skills along with the tutor who shows you all the tips and tricks of the tiling trade so you can deal with any situation you come across, just watch and repeat what he does.

We also cover detailed lessons on all backgrounds and tile products that you need to know and understand

The course is 85% practical where you will be following step by step demonstrations by the tutor all the way, applying, cutting, shaping tiles and dealing with tiling situations etc. There is essential product knowledge and background information covered whilst on the course, however this is backed up by a 30,000 word pre written accompaniment we have done for you for you which covers all the essential tiling and product knowledge that you need to know like how to prepare all your surfaces prior to tiling, how to measure and price jobs up for customers.

The tilers bible is unique to us and is a huge written guide to tiling  that we at UK Pro Tiling Training have written, it is one of the most comprehensive tiling manuals out there, it contains over 150 pages and 30,000 words of information of how to prepare every background that you come across, it also details all the different situations that you can find yourself in and how to deal with it in a very easy to understand way, simply follow the instructions of what to do, it also covers all the different products, wet room installation, tanking system installation, under floor heating installation, etc, etc, this manual is everything you could need as a reference of what to do where and only available from us it runs along side the videos in each lesson so you have a reference which can easily be looked up