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About UK Pro Tiling Training

We are the ONLY professional dedicated tiling training centre in the UK, we specialise and only deliver career changing professional fast track Wall and Floor tiling courses at the highest level possible where as other training centres are multi skills where they teach a bit of every trade. We have a fantastic purpose built tiling training centre for you to learn how to tile in and due to our superb reputation, we train people from all over the world who travel to us. Want to tile like a pro quickly and run a business, then come to the tiling specialists.

Not Your Average Tiling Centre

Don’t think all tiling training centres are the same, they are not, don’t just attend your local centre because they are cheap or close to you, choose very wisely where you go, most of them are a basic DIY introduction to tiling and you will be taught by just an employee of that company on a wage, not the owner of the company. If you’re looking to go self employed as a tiler then you’re wasting your time, money and future learning at a DIY tiling level. We have trained many people who have had to come to us for professional instruction after attending other training centres.

Career Change Specialists

You only have to read through our testimonial reviews on the right to seeweb-pics-032 why we are not the same as other training centres, you can go anywhere to learn to stick basic tiles on a wall however there are 3 levels in tiling and knowledge and we teach at the highest possible (NVQ level 3), couple this with how to succeed in a tiling business and self employment skills Darren teaches there is NO other centre delivering our proven Self Employed Tiling Program. Try and find another tiling centre with the hundreds of verified 5 star positive reviews like what we get and the amount of peoples lives we have changed for the better. They all can’t be wrong


Good quality tilers can earn between £1000-1500 + per week once established, some of our past students are now making much more running their companies having gone beyond being a sole tile fixer, let us show you how maximise your earning potential as a tiler. Please check out our FAQ at the top menu bar to see how we differ from the rest and why so many people travel from all over the UK and Europe to train with us.

Gain an NVQ Tiling Qualification

Our fast track tiling courses are designed specifically so you can go straight out and work as a self employed tiler once you have completed our course in the domestic market with our course advanced tiling certificates.

If you require an NVQ after completing any of our courses to go onto a building site and work, you can be assessed for the tiling NVQ L2 qualification OSAT route where an assessor will guide you through the requirements of achieving the qualification, there are local fees payable to your assessor for this in your area, this qualification along with a CSCS card will allow you to trade and work on all building sites. CLICK HERE to find out how to get NVQ qualifications.

Expert Tutors

You will be taught personally by the owner of UK Pro Tiling Training, Darren who is one of the longest and best tiling tutors in the UK, with over 15 years experience of actually privately teaching tiling at the highest level NVQ 3 along with over 32 years of successfully running business, he can certainly get you where you need to be running your own tiling business, mentally and practically. Our tiling units are specially designed to give you real life situations to practice in. We are here to pass on all our trade tiling and business knowledge to you and give you the best start possible in your new career or the ability to tackle your own personal wall and floor tiling projects in the quickest possible time.

Elite aftercare package available

After leaving our course, you may feel that you will be alone to get on with it which can be daunting, Not with UK Pro Tiling Training, as well as the 15,000 word, 50 page pre written hand out course notes to refer to, you can Page 1have Darren’s full contact details and personal elite aftercare support, not sure of a job coming up or unsure about anything, just let him know and he will give you all the reassurance and back up you need 7 days a week, even on the evenings after hours. No other training centre offers this level of personal aftercare and back up to you, We take it personally to help you succeed. click here Elite Aftercare Package for more details


Our business is to help you succeed in YOUR new tiling business.

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Company Tiling Training

We also deliver bespoke professional fast track tiling training to major companies and councils looking to quickly retrain or multi skill their staff as well as the private individuals looking for a career change. Please call us about training packages for your staff.


2019 Tiling Course Prices

All our Professional tiling courses are listed below, just CLICK on one to take you to the course.
1 Day Natural Stone / Business   £150 Inc vat 
4 Day Pro Fast Track Course        £499 Inc vat
9 Day Pro Advanced Course         £1199 Inc vat
13 Day Pro Ultimate Course         £1599 Inc vat
Tiling courses
Tiling trainer
Tiling training courses
Tiling trainer

What Tiling Courses UK Offers

Course Videos

Watch our series of video uploads showing the courses in action as well as testimonials and more.

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Running A Tiling Business

We'll help you get up and running from tiling training through to setting up your business, website and more.

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If you are joining us for multi-day courses you can learn more about the local accommodation options.

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More Useful Information

Professional Tiling Training

UK Pro Tiling Training  have trained thousands of people from all over England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales who have traveled to us because of our reputation and the high quality of our short college tiling training which we have delivered on our courses over the last 10 years. You will gain a very good understanding of whats required to become a Wall and Floor Tiler which are generally always in demand due to ever changing property markets. Good quality tilers earn over £900 + per week once established, Think of all the bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories and cloakrooms that are being re-tiled, you could be carrying out all these lucrative jobs after completing one of our fast track tiling training courses. We know that there is more to being self employed than just being a good tradesman and that is why our fast track tiling courses teach you much more than simply being exceptional at your craft. Uk Pro tiling run a variety of intensive fast track courses with proven programs which have run for over 10 years.

What is a Tiling Course?

What is a tiling course
A tiling course is an educational program designed to help train and educate people on all aspects of tiling from cutting and shaping through to running a business.


We offer tiling training to those who live throughout the country. Whether you are in London, Kent, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Plymouth, Liverpool, Reading, Manchester, Scotland, Ireland, Newcastle we can help with professional tiling education & practical training.

Our typical course durations

1 Day Natural stone and business success

This 1 Day Natural Stone and Business tiling course follows on fromIMG_2387 the 4 day intensive tiling course and teaches you everything about dealing with natural stone tiles including identification, fitting and sealing them.

This course also shows you how to deal with all the different tiling problems and situations once out in the real world from understanding wet rooms, tanking systems, movement joints, under floor heating, anti crack mats, cement backer boards, diamond, brick and herringbone formation tiling.

Included in this day is our advanced business program on how start and run a tiling business and maximise your earnings as a tiler, learn the best marketing routes, sales and negotiation skills and how to understand your customers and reap the rewards. A very important day if you want to earn a great living from tiling. This course will absolutely open your eyes into how much money can be earned from a tiling business.

Course runs every Friday. Price £150 Inc VAT

Please click HERE for full details on this course.

Tiling Equipment and Tools

UK Pro Tiling training supply all the tiling equipment and tools for you toIMG_5202 complete the tiling course.

If you would like to purchase professional tiling tools you can do so from our tools shop, from individual tiling tools to full professional packages to get you started are available at discounted prices.

All tools are in stock to take away with you or we offer a postage service to anywhere in the UK.

To go to our tiling tools page CLICK HERE

You can also find a range of equipment and safety clothing at the ESW safety shop.

4 Day Professional Tiling Courses

Our 4 Day Fast Track Professional Tiling Course maybe short but certainly delivers the goods and isIMG_5422 taught at the highest professional tiling level (3), it is an intense practical course to learn how to tile correctly fast, it also covers all the background preparation and products required when tiling, comes with a huge pre written 10,000 word hand out.

Do not confuse this with other DIY tiling courses around, this course delivers what you need to know to tile out in peoples houses.

Look through the testimonials / pictures / videos and course content delivered on our courses and compare it with any other training centre in the UK, we offer you so much in a short time,  you will see why so many people travel to us from all over the world for our fast track training programs.

This course runs every week throughout the year.

4 Day Course Price £449 Inc VAT

Please click on HERE for the full course details / pictures / videos etc.

9 Day Ready for Work Pro Tiling Courses (NVQ)

This 9 Day Ready for Work Professional Tiling Course is for anyone seriously thinking of a1392674_603649326343913_1130799790_n new career, This course can fast track you with all the information and practical skills required to get you started in a new wall and floor tiling business, learn everything from how to run the business to practically doing the job and everything in between. Simply finish this course and then you can start your business.

The practical level and info received on this 9 day course matches many of our competitors much longer courses, just compare them and see what value your getting for your money by training with UK Pro Tiling Training.

This course runs every week throughout the year.

9 Day course Price £1199 Inc VAT 

Please click HERE for full details, course content, pictures and videos on this course.

13 Day Ultimate Pro Tiling Courses NVQ

Our  13 Day Ultimate Professional Tiling Course for anyone that needs the utmost confidenceIMG_5382 before you step out and embark on your own self employed tiling career. No longer course is necessary. Finish the course and trade as a tiler.

This professional tiling course covers all your business success knowledge, background prep, tiling to plans, bespoke tiling work etc and plenty of tiling practice to master your new skills.

This 13 day course consists of all of our other courses combined into one plus an additional 4 days of more intensive tiling scenarios.

This course runs every week throughout the year.

13 Day Course Price £1599 Inc VAT

Please click HERE to find out more about this course.

Tiling Courses Near Me

Are you looking for a professional tiling course? Whether you are in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Reading, Bristol, Exeter, Liverpool, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield or anywhere else in the UK we can help.

To enquire about our professional tiling course training centre please call us on 07960 286 957 anytime or fill out our course form.

Review; I just want to thank you for an excellent course. The information and practical work covered throughout the course, especially the business part was first class. I have put what I have learnt into practice and I have my first job starting tomorrow. 64sq meters of floor tiling @ £20 per meter, but I have also made £400 on the tiles, adhesive etc, £1680 payday. Best thing I’ve ever done

While were on the thanking procedure for our careers I would like to thank Darren at UK Pro Tiling Training for the opportunity and knowledge that man gave me. I attended the two week tiling course with very little knowledge of tiling industry and stuck in a job i hated. All of his tiling trade secrets and business knowledge were passed onto the class which were outstanding, without a doubt the cleverest business wise man I have met and without his knowledge I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Learn how to undertake all types of tiling

Course Enquiry

If you have any questions about any of our courses please call Tracey on

0333 335 0604 / Mobile 07960 286957

If you would like a call back click the ‘Enquiry’ form, we will get back to you ASAP.

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Change your career path today for a career in tiling

With us, you’ll learn how to become a qualified tiler who can deliver high quality work and grow a successful tiling business. You’ll learn how to tile, how to tile metro tiles, how to grout, how to shape & lay tiles and much more!. You’ll learn the differences between ceramic tiles, glass tiles & applications. We’re one of the UK’s best tiling schools where high quality education is at the forefront of our business.

It’s important in life to work in an industry where you can be happy with what you do whilst earning a good income. Job satisfaction is key, which is why the tiling industry is a great industry to choose.

Combining fantastic earning potential with the freedoms and flexibility that you’d otherwise not get in a standard job.

With UK Pro Tiling Training, we’ll help you change your career path fast, with us, you won’t just learn how to tile, you’ll also learn how to run a tiling business. From getting setup as a tradesman through to establishing yourself locally. We’ll also help you evaluate what you should be charging for your services as lots of potential customers will always wonder how much do tilers charge or what are typical rates to get a tiling professional in to quote for work.

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