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I bought the How to tile for a living home training course and it was excellent, it covered every aspect for me to start a new tiling career which I...
2022-04-28 18:54:10
Got the train from home tiling course from UK Pro Tiling, really easy to follow, loads of practical tiling work to get stuck into, done it from 1 board on...
2022-04-03 15:45:01
I was looking for a career change, The tiling train from home course was my choice and it did exactly that and I started my tiling business soon afterwards. Loads...
2022-03-20 10:45:01
David Sharkey
Purchased the online course and set up a workstation. Instructions and printouts were excellent and videos easy to follow and understand. An excellent course that I’ll be recommending to friends....
2022-03-18 19:02:11
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We Are Not Your Average Tiling Centre

We have been running for over 16 years, over 8000 people trained, Think all tiling training centres are the same, they are not, don’t just attend your local centre because they are cheap or close to you, choose very wisely where you go, most of them are a basic DIY introduction to tiling and you will be taught by just an employee of that company on a wage, not the owner of the company. Tiling Van ServicesIf you’re looking to go self employed as a tiler then you’re wasting your time, money and future learning at a DIY tiling level. We have trained many people who have had to come to us for professional instruction after attending other training centres.

Not Just a Tiling Course \ Career Change Specialists

You only have to read through our testimonial 5 star reviews above to see why we are not the same as any other training centres, you can go anywhere to learn to stick basic tiles on a wall however there are 3 levels in tiling and knowledge and we teach at the highest possible (NVQ level 3), couple this with how to succeed in a tiling business and self employment skills Darren teaches there is NO other centre delivering our 16 year proven Self Employed Tiling Program. Try and find another tiling centre with the hundreds of verified 5 star positive reviews like what we get and the amount of peoples lives we have changed for the better. They all can’t be wrong.

Professional Tutors

Darren, Lead Tutor, qualifications held, NVQ level 1,2 and 3 in Tiling, A1 NVQ assessors qual, PTTLS Teachers qual, Level 4 IV Assessment qual, 14 years teaching experience in tiling.

A course is only as good as the teacher who trains you and you will be taught personally by the owner of UK Pro Tiling Training and his team, Darren who is one of the longest and best tiling tutors in the UK, with over 16 years experience of actually privately teaching tiling at the highest level NVQ 3 along with over 32 years of successfully running business, he can certainly get you where you need to be running your own tiling business, mentally and practically. Our tiling units are specially designed to give you real life situations to practice in. We are here to pass on all our trade tiling and business knowledge to you and give you the best start possible in your new career or the ability to tackle your own personal wall and floor tiling projects in the quickest possible time.


Good quality tilers can earn between £1000-1500 + per week once established, some of our past students are now making much more running their companies having gone beyond being a sole tile fixer, let us show you how maximise your earning potential as a tiler. Please check out our FAQ at the top menu bar to see how we differ from the rest and why so many people travel from all over the UK and Europe to train with us.

Gain an NVQ Tiling Qualification

Our fast track tiling courses are designed specifically so you can go straight out and work as a self employed tiler once you have completed our course in the domestic market with our course advanced tiling certificates.

If you require an NVQ after completing any of our courses to go onto a building site and work, you can be assessed for the tiling NVQ L2 qualification OSAT route where an assessor will guide you through the requirements of achieving the qualification, there are local fees payable to your assessor for this in your area, this qualification along with a CSCS card will allow you to trade and work on all building sites. CLICK HERE to find out how to get NVQ qualifications.

Elite aftercare package available

After leaving our course, you may feel that you will be alone to get on with it which can be daunting, Not with UK Pro Tiling Training, as well as the 15,000 word, 50 page pre written hand out course notes to refer to, you can have Darren’s full contact details and personal elite aftercare support, Pro Tiling Elite Membershipnot sure of a job coming up or unsure about anything, just let him know and he will give you all the reassurance and back up you need 7 days a week, even on the evenings after hours. No other training centre offers this level of personal aftercare and back up to you, We take it personally to help you succeed. click here Elite Aftercare Package for more details
Our business is to help you succeed in YOUR new tiling business.

Course Enquiries

Not sure which of our tiling courses is right for you? Speak to one of our friendly advisers.

Whether you want to know more about NVQ courses or have a tiling diploma but like the idea of starting your own business, we’ll be able to point you towards the right course.

You can contact UK Pro Tiling by using our enquiry form, or through our phone and email address below.

If you would like more information on any of our courses, please contact Tracey (9am-7pm), Alternatively please leave your details on the contact form.

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