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Bathroom Tile Trends 2023

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Posted Date: January 13, 2023

A new year has arrived, and with it comes the interior design trend announcements that are set to dominate the bathroom looks and designs of 2023.

From earthy tones to bold marbled finishes, this year promises to be interesting with the wide array of styles that are set to find their way into bathrooms, cloakrooms and wetrooms across the land.

You can use these as a point of inspiration for helping clients envision their ideal bathroom, or go all out with these trends – the choice is yours. Whatever you go for, each tile choice is sure to transform the bathroom.

Let’s dive into the top bathroom tile trends for 2023.

Handpainted tiles

Those looking for a more unique finish will be after artisanal touches in their bathrooms, including handpainted tiles. These can range from the subtle to the bold as clients opt for more eco-friendly and sustainable tile options.

These can be used anywhere in the bathroom, but work especially well as a feature in the room – so best not obstructed by bathroom furniture. A handpainted tile is sure to make a statement in any bathroom.

Colourful marble

Marble has always been a popular choice for bathrooms, but the in-vogue look has changed this season. Gone are the days of a fairly neutral marble tile, in favour of bolder colour choices that highlight the flecks in this luxurious natural stone.

The 2023 trend will see pinks, browns and even gold marble tiles enter the scene, the perfect choice for the client looking for an elegant, yet bold finish.

Pastel glass tiles

Having grown in popularity in the last few seasons, glass tiles have become the darling of social media bathrooms – especially in neutral or pastel colours. The trend has even extended out to pearlescent glass tiles which have a truly beautiful finish.

Pale pinks and blues have been a favourite of those looking to update their bathroom with glass tiles, but this type of tile works well with bolder colours too such as emerald green or navy. We definitely haven’t seen the last of this trend.


Terrazzo has dominated interior design trends in recent years and shows no signs of abating this year. The look has expanded to include maxi-sized terrazzo chips in tiles for a real statement piece as well as bolder colour schemes being used.

These are a great choice for clients who wants a bold look in their bathroom. Whether they opt for a neutral backdrop or go all-out terrazzo, the finish will certainly be eye-catching.

Earth-toned hues

If your clients are looking for a natural finish to their bathroom, then they’re in luck as earth-toned hues are having a major moment in 2023. While the traditional neutral bathroom will never go out of style, new tiles in dusky pinks and sage greens are set to be big this year.

Earthy hues work well with natural stone or marble for an opulent contrast. They can also be used to create a contemporary setting or retro vibe – the options are endless with this trend.

Geometric patterns

Clients may be asking for geometric tiles to be incorporated into their bathroom designs for 2023 as the trend takes hold. This is set to be a popular option as the trend suits a variety of different bathroom styles.

Geometric patterns are completely customisable, from colour schemes to the pattern that clients decide on. From a central feature space in the bathroom against plain tiles to a subtle finish on floors and walls, this trend is set to stick around for some time.

Fluted tiles

The last few seasons have seen fluted curves enter the home, starting off in wood and furniture pieces, and now making their way into more permanent materials like tiles. These curvy tiles add glamour to any bathroom.

Fluted tiles add an interesting feel to any space, working well in a colour-blocked scheme to let the texture do the talking. They also work well in modern bathroom designs as they add some drama to the room without having to opt for bold colours.


We’ve seen the checkerboard trend slowly spread through interior design in recent times, now entering the bathroom in a major way for 2023. These classic tile choices add a luxurious feel to any bathroom and can be incorporated into a wide range of bathroom designs.

The checkerboard pattern usually features on floors and walls, with one accent colour paired with white tiles for contrast. This adds some visual interest while still remaining neutral, depending on how bold the client wants to go with their colour choices. Overall, the checkerboard pattern gives a sophisticated finish to the space.


The rise of the Morrocan-themed bathroom comes following the popularity of Portuguese-style patterned tiles in recent years. Ranging from subtler finishes to all-out colour, Moroccan-inspired tiles can add warmth and pizzazz to any bathroom remodel.

A traditional Morrocan design often involves arches, so clients may be looking for tiled archways of all sizes and shapes to be added to their bathrooms. The tile designs for a Morrocan-themed bathroom can be unusual in shape or have intricate patterns printed on square tiles for the same look.

Art deco

Now it’s 2023, we’re well into a repeat of the Roaring Twenties era. As a result, art deco styles have been waltzing their way back into homes, including the bathroom.

An art deco-inspired bathroom would include bold contrasting colours, like black and gold for a classic feel. Tile shapes will be unusual as well, with scalloped edges reminiscent of the Golden Age. The result is a visually striking, yet classic finish suitable for any bathroom size.

Final thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed running through the hottest trends in bathroom tiles for 2023. While trends come and go, these beautiful options to refresh your space this year will last the test of time.

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