13 Day Ultimate Pro Tiling Course

If your thinking of a career change and looking for a complete one stop shop, this full on package tiling course teaches you all the latest tiling skills required, along with how to run your own successful tiling business and how to maximise your earnings.


Course Price: £1799 inc vat, now £1299 inc vat

Our 13 Day Ultimate Course information, which included herringbone work has now been incorporated and fitted into our new 9 Day Ultimate Tiling Course, which saves you paying the extra £500 additional course fees for the extra days and taking another week off work.

To give our customers the absolute best value for money and tiling training experience, we have now included all the extra work and tiling techniques that was done on our 13 Day Ultimate Pro Course and fitted it perfectly into our new 9 Day Ultimate Tiling Course, we have taken away course breaks etc to fit in the Herringbone walls and Herringbone floor tiling as well as 3D tiling work, so you’re not missing out any learning we did in our 13 day course. We will keep you busy tiling and learning every minute of the 9 course days.

You will love all of the practical tiling exercises in our new 9 day course and be impressed with your results. This course is perfectly structured without wasting any of your precious training time and as mentioned above we fit in the extra herringbone training as well now, making our new 9 Day Ultimate Tiling Course the best and most efficient course for a career change that we have ever produced in 18 years of teaching tiling.

Our NEW 9 Day Ultimate Tiling Course is still only priced at only £1299 and covers everything now that we used to do on the (£1799) 13 Day Ultimate Tiling Course, this will save you paying an extra £500 in course fees, plus you will also save on accommodation fees and save you taking an extra week off work

Click “HERE” to see a video of the new 9 Day Ultimate Course in action


Our new Career Changing 9 Day Ultimate Tiling Course now consists of the below training

  • All the training on our 4 Day Fast track tiling course program
  • All the training on our 1 Day Business and Problem solving course
  • Plus an extra 4 days advanced tiling training on the topics below

Herringbone wall tiling and wrap returns

Herringbone Floor tiling

3D tiling pattens

Victorian boarders

More advanced layouts

Advanced measuring and costing exercises

Random bond Pattens

brick bond Patten

Third bond Pattens

Modular bond pattens

Wet room installations

Tanking Systems

Tiling Course Class Demo

Tiling more unusual layouts

Problem solving in customer houses

How to tile boxed in pipework

3 way external mitres

Kitchen splashback window mitres

Tiled Archways

Confidence building exercises

By choosing our NEW 9 Day Ultimate Course now, you’re not missing out on any training techniques from the 13 day course we used to run and you will be more than confident to tackle any customer jobs by the time you finish this course and set up your own business.

This has proved to be our best selling tiling course now for people looking to go self employed tiling for a living and NO LONGER COURSE IS NOW REQUIRED TO START YOUR NEW BUSINESS UP. No prior tiling experience is required to start this course. Receive 3 tiling certificates on completion.

Remember you have access to our UK Pro Tiling Community of professional tilers for a full back up service and support after you leave

Course duration: 9 days : price £1299 inc vat

Please call Tracey 07960 286957 for more information