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  • As you get ready to tackle that tiling job, it is worth spending time to make sure the surface is perfectly prepared. Some care and attention now could avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment of being called back later on. Some simple.
  • February 2020 sees the launch of the National Apprenticeship Week with businesses and employers, schools and colleges offering a huge and varied selection of apprenticeships across all sectors of work. Learning, training and professional development.
  • Whether you are a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic DIYer, don’t let a fine tiling job be let down by the quality of the cuts. The eye will always be drawn to those rough edges, regardless of how good the rest of the tiling is. What tools will.

Tiling a floor is slightly different to tiling a wall in that it needs to be durable to foot traffic. The last thing you want is to spend time and money laying a floor only to find your floor won’t last the journey. Darren Yorke, founder of UK Pro Tiling Training, believes that any professional […]

Tiles on a kitchen wall look great. As a result, tiled kitchen walls are popular. Let’s face it when we are cooking spaghetti bolognese and stirring the sauce in a pan on the hob, we can just about handle splashes of tomato on the tiles above the cooker. When it comes to red splashes on […]

How To Grout Floor Tiles Whilst it sounds extremely simple, grouting floor tiles isn’t always easy. What’s more, when the job’s not done right, the floor doesn’t look right! You can choose the best looking tiles in the shop but if you make a mess of the grout, they won’t look good. It really is […]

How To Tile A Kitchen with Multiple Coloured Tiles If you are thinking of having a random look to your kitchen then why not try installing a multiple coloured tile to your kitchen splash back. Tiles Tiles come in all different sizes but a 100mm x 100mm size tile works best for this kind of [...]

Tiling around a window is no easy task and that’s why it is a job most often left to a tiling professional. After all, if mistakes are made it can be costly to put right and, ultimately, without paying significant attention to detail and doing a decent job, the end result can look terrible, leading […]

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your bathroom tile patterns should be simple and plain (bland and boring…). There are huge variations of tiling options that can add a great zest of life to your bathroom. Whether you are looking for tile ideas for small bathrooms or larger washrooms, take a look at the 20 […]

When it comes to tiling your home, it can often be overwhelming to choose which tiles you like best. First of all, there’s the decision to actually having tiles at all, with so much laminate and vinyl alternatives available for flooring nowadays, it can take a while to opt for tiles. Particularly since tiles are [...]

As experts in the tiling industry, we have come across many questions throughout our many years in business. In this article, we’re answering the question: “Can you tile on top of wall tiles?”. Can you tile on top of wall tiles? There are 4 main considerations to take into account before tiling on tile: Is […]

Testimonial update: Adrian (Wales) Course attended  UK Pro Tiling Training Course Duration 2 weeks intensive training Update after leaving UK Pro Tiling Training I attended UK pro tiling training course and done an intensive 9 day fast track tiling course, 6 months has now passed since leaving the course so here is what ive been [...]
Is it possible to learn to tile in a short time?  What is Tiling? Tiling is the fixing of ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles to walls and floors, there are many different sizes of tile but the process of fitting them all is very much the same method. Where are tiles fitted? Tiles are [...]

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