The advantages of pursuing a tiling career

The advantages of pursuing a tiling career

When it comes to a property’s bathroom and kitchen, property owners often do not want to take a risk with their home’s aesthetics and, as a result, often avoid DIY tiling. After all, there is nothing better than a professionally tiled bathroom and kitchen. What’s more, great bath and kitchentiles can often be ruined when people try to fit them themselves.

While a professionally tiled bathroom offers elegance and sophistication, personally tiled walls can look a little rough around the edges.

Ultimately, tiling is an art and, in order to make your property the best it can be, should be left to the experts.

Becoming a tiler

In order to become a professional tiler and eventually earn a profit from a tiling business, you will need to complete a tiling course that teaches you the tricks of the trade and qualifies you as a tiler to practice in a professional sense.

There are numerous tiling courses out there and, at Flush Bathrooms, we favour UK Protiling Training, the company who helped us begin our career in the tiling industry.

Darren, the lead UK Protiling Training instructor, provides a clear, well-directed understanding of becoming a professional tiler and will tell you everything you need to know in order to start a successful tiling career.


A career in tiling offers you the opportunity to go self-employed, which is a dream for many people. Ultimately, a self-employed tiling position means that you can organise your own working hours.

The are huge advantages when you are in control of your own work. For example, you’ll have much more opportunity to miss the rush hour work’s traffic and commuter rush, and you’ll also have more flexibility in your work.The main thing is that you are able to work around your customer’s requirements.

Earn a respectable living

Of course, when it comes to being self-employed, there is an element of insecurity and fear of not earning enough wage. That said, professional tiling is generally considered a lucrative career and tilers can earn roughly £20 per metre (for fixing only). When you relate this to a standard, 25 metre bathroom, a professional tiler is looking at earning around £500 in 2-3 days.

Help people achieve their dream property

Tiling is undoubtedly a rewarding career. Not only will you meet a variety of people, you’ll be helping them to achieve their dream home, or perhaps sort out a problem.

When it comes to decorating a property, particularly a bathroom or kitchen which usually requires more work, people have often saved for years in order to change the décor of their home.

As a professional tiler, you can help people create their dream property, which will no doubt make you feel great at the end of the day.

Tiling jobs are everywhere

No matter where you live, there is sure to be a need for tiling somewhere in your area which means a tiling business has great potential.

Once you have established a great name for yourself as a tiler, you are unlikely to be short of work, particularly in areas where there are few other tiling businesses around.

Work with Flush Bathrooms

As a highly-respectable company who sells great value tiles, we are always keen to provide resources to reputable and popular tilers at Flush Bathrooms.