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Installing Multi Coloured Kitchen Tiles

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Posted Date: September 18, 2018

How To Tile A Kitchen with Multiple Coloured Tiles

If you are thinking of having a random look to your kitchen then why not try installing a multiple coloured tile to your kitchen splash back.

Tiles come in all different sizes but a 100mm x 100mm size tile works best for this kind of look, there will be 100 tiles per square metre so when you buy your tiles from the tile shop an average 5 square metre area of splash back will produce 100 tiles of each colour over the 5 different colours therefore you will get 500 tiles.

You will need to select a 6mm wall trowel to apply these tiles along with a good quality tile adhesive; usually 2mm spacers will give the best look when grouted.

Where do you start?
In a kitchen it is always best to centre the cooker and the kitchen window and start either side of this line or in the middle of the line with a tile, however this can be offset a little if it is this layout will cause small cuts elsewhere.

Kitchen Tile Samples

The biggest mistake people make when doing this pattern is using too much of one colour only to end up at the last square metre of installation with a large amount of the same colour left.

How to avoid this is to forget about the sheer quantity of tiles you have and just pick 10 of each colour and put them on the worktop in front of you then proceed to apply these tiles to the wall randomly depleting them all evenly as you fix.

Once all the tiles in each pile has gone on the wall, get another set of 10 each and repeat, continue doing this until you have the whole back splash done, this method will ensure that when you get to the last metre of tiles you will have evenly spread the tiles and reduced the risk of using too many at any one time.


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