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What Tile Adhesive To Use?

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Posted Date: April 25, 2016

Choosing the right tile adhesive for the job

When it comes to choosing tile for your new project it is not a straight forward as it may seem, there are so many different types of tiles and adhesives to choose from let alone grouts etc

Types of Tile

There are many different types of tile with ceramic being the most popular, then there is Porcelain and all the natural stones such as Marble, Travertine, Terracotta, Slate, Limestone, Quartz and Granite.

The are different types of adhesive in tiling that suit different types of tile, knowing which ones to use is essential as failure is almost certain if the wrong one is selected.

Ready mixed tub adhesive
This type of adhesive comes in a plastic container and is ready to use straight from the pot however it has limitations,

This adhesive is usually only good for fixing ceramic tiles on a wall, it shouldn’t be used for installing porcelain or natural stone tile anywhere.

Standard Rapid Set Cement
This type of adhesive comes as a powder in a bag usually 20KG in weight, it is mixed by a mechanical mixer with water to produce the adhesives form. Rapid setting cement has about 20 minutes of working time from when mixed and 2 – 3 hours curing time.

This type of adhesive is for fixing ceramic tile only to a solid wall or floor

Rapid Set Multi Flex

This type of adhesive has a latex additive, which gives a slight flexible property to the adhesive, it also adds additional strength over the rapid set.

This multi flex adhesive is for installing tile over plywood surfaces that are subject to slight expansion and contraction, it is also used to fix porcelain and natural stone tiles which require more grip.

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