Types of Tile

There are many different types of tile on the market but how can you tell which ones are which. Well, each tile usually has a certain character, which will identify itself.

Here is a list below of tiles and how to tell what’s what


A ceramic tile is identified by putting water on the back of it, if it soaks in then the tile will be ceramic, this is because ceramic tiles have a clay backing that is porous, Ceramic tiles will be non porous on the top as they will have a glass glaze on there.


A porcelain tile is identified also by putting some water on the back of it, if does NOT soak in then it will be a porcelain tile, this is due to porcelain being vitrified which means non absorbent


A marble tile is a natural stone and has to be cut therefore there will be no moulding on the back as you would find with a porcelain or ceramic tile.

Marble is usually polished and has a vein system running throughout the tile from the front to the back

Granite images-5

A granite tile is polished and has a speckled appearance; these speckles will go right through the tile showing on the front, sides and back of the tile, it also has a smooth finish on the back.


A quartz tile can be a pure colour or it can have metallic chippings in the appearance,
Quartz is not strong enough to make a solid tile out of so it is normally mixed with a resin to make it stronger.


Limestone is a matt finished tile usually light in colour, it has a smooth back and is quite dense, it has a appearance that looks stained a little like marble.


Terracotta is baked clay and is usually pinkish or reddish / salmon in colour, it is quite thick and very porous


A slate tile is very rustic and is made up of layers, the sizes of slate can be quite randomimages-2 and colours vary from black, blue to green