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Tiling With Lasers

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Posted Date: December 2, 2016
Tiling With Laser levels.

There are many different types of lasers.

Cross Line Laser

First is a cross line laser, these cross line laser project a horizontal and vertical line at the same time, this can be very useful if you are working to right angles fixing tiles or kitchen cabinet etc. The biggest problem a tiler can run into is their tiles starting to run off, this can result in a different height when the tiles eventually come back to meet the wall you start from.

Rotary Lasers

A rotary laser level can be really useful when undertaking any tiling projects and can be more accurate than an ordinary level.
Rotary lasers can produce a 360 degree red laser line around the room making them ideal when tiling walls around a bathroom.

Straight Line Lasers

Straight flooring lasers can also be very useful when tiling as this can shoot a straight line down the room and can project where the tiles are going to end up, unlike a chalk line that can disappear once the adhesive has been troweled on, the laser line will still show on top of the adhesive so you will never loose your tile line to follow.

Layout Lasers

Layout line lasers are used by many floor tillers as they have two lasers set out at 90 degree angles, this can be useful when tiling on a 45 degree angle such as herringbone and diamond bond patterns.

Tiling Training

At UK Pro Tiling training we run professional tiling courses and cover the use of all different types of laser when completing tile installations, this ensures the accuracy of the work produced by the students.
More details of the various tiling courses can be found at

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