Here at UK Pro Tiling Training, we offer a range of professional tiling training packages to suit different levels of expertise. Whether you are a complete tiling beginner looking to start a successful tiling career, or an experienced tiler wanting to make sure their training remains relevant to current market trends, our tiling training courses will deliver the most advanced tiling knowledge and craftsmen tips for top quality tiling.

Our short 1 day and 4 day courses are a great starting point for any potential tiler. The skills taught in the shorter courses are the same as those taught in the most advanced courses, the difference being the amount of time to practise the skill and the more thorough knowledge and business know-how that is included in the longer courses.

Some attend our short courses simply because they are developing property and want to have the knowledge and skill to do the tiling themselves. Others join the more intensive sessions with a view to acquiring an NVQ and setting up their own tiling business. Our longer courses teach every element of running a tiling business from the best teacher possible; one who has achieved great success from running a tiling business for more than 30 years.

People attend our courses from all across the UK in order to benefit from one of our fast track programmes, which have proven to deliver results and have successfully led people to start a thriving new business. The minute you complete any of our tiling courses, you will be ready to commence tiling straight away.

Our more intensive training packages such as our 9 day advanced tiling course or 13 day ultimate tiling course will help those to start a new career in tiling, gain the skills and knowledge to do so.

UK Pro Tiling Training offers everything you need to start tiling for a living.

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Tiling Training

Please find below our tiling training courses:


1 Day Natural Stone & Business Course

Course suitability: Existing Tilers, Ex-Tilers, Tilers looking to advance /refresh their knowledge and start a business.

Price: £150

Course Description: Our 1 day natural stone and business start up tiling training is perfect for those who have already completed our 4 day fast track tiling course.

This course includes setting up and running a tiling business, tile identification, cleaning and maintenance, knowledge of fixing various tile types including granite, marble, slate, travertine, terrazzo, teracotta, limestone and quarry tiles.

You’ll learn everything from cutting to drilling, fixing tiles to the wall, using tiles in various environments including wet rooms, underfloor heating and much more.

See the full course by clicking the link below.

Learn more about the 1 day natural stone and business course

4 Day Wall and Floor Tiling Training Course

Course suitability: Everyone with good practical skills looking for a career change.

Price: £449

Course Description: Our 4 day professional wall and floor tiling training is very fast track learning and is perfect for everyone looking to become a tiler. This is an extremely comprehensive course packed into an intense 4 days which will help teach everything needed to become a fully fledged tiler.

In this course you’ll learn all the different aspects of tiling, measuring jobs, pricing work, the tools and items required, how to cut, shape and fit tiles on walls and floors, how to position tiles and arrange in complex arrangements, how to use the tools needed to cut, trim and manipulate tiles, how to use various adhesives and sealants, how to create borders, patterns and tiling on uneven surfaces.

You’ll learn the above and lot’s more!

For those who have never participated in general labour / general skills one of our longer courses is recommended. Ideally anyone from a completely different industry would benefit from our longer course which covers each course item in more detail offering more practical time to learn the trade.

To see a full tiling training itinerary follow the link below:

Learn more about our 4 Day Wall and Floor Tiling Courses

9 Day Advanced Tiling Training Course

Course suitability: Everyone,Workers from Completely Different Industries

Price: £1099

Course Description: Our 9 day advanced ready for work tiling training is spread out over 2 weeks and is one of our most popular courses. This course is for anyone seriously thinking of a career change.

This course is perfect for those with no prior tiling experience and those who need time to learn, adapt and get hands on with labour type work. This course will provide the knowledge and guidance needed for someone to go straight out into the world independently to run a tiling business.

This course covers everything from the natural stone and business course and the 4 day wall and floor tiling course plus an extra 4 days advanced training, practical work and testing.

This course includes everything from learning and understanding the tiling industry, earning potential, setting up and running a tiling business, getting and managing customers, evaluating tiling jobs, pricing, tiling work (tile fitting, removal, replacement, repairs, uneven surfaces, styling, shaping) and more.

This is a comprehensive course and will help you transition your career path from wherever you may be currently.

Look at the full course by clicking the link below

Learn more about our 9 day advanced tiling course

13 Day Ultimate Tiling Training Course

Course suitability: Everyone, no prior experience required

Price: £1499

Course Description: Our 13 day ultimate tiling course is the most intensive tiling course available that money can buy. This is a serious course that will help you transition from almost any industry into a career in tiling. You’ll learn absolutely everything from the tiling industry as well as gaining advanced skills that other tilers may have missed out on giving you an edge in the marketplace.

You’ll learn everything from the 1 Day Natural Stone Course, the 4 Day Advanced Tiling Course and the 9 Day Advanced Tiling Course plus extra time to train & gain practical hands on skills.

You won’t just perfect your skills as a tiler, you’ll also learn the intricate processes of running a tiling business, growing your portfolio and eventually expanding your team.

Many successful tilers and tiling companies have formed from our intensive & ultimate training courses. On the back of our training they have gone on to grow and become highly successful.

The cost of the course is reflected in the quality of the training as well as the level of detail covered. This works out to be a highly cost effective course that’ll mean you will not need to re-visit another tiling training company to learn things you may have missed out on from cheaper tiling trainer providers.

You’ll learn everything from the tiling industry, earning potential, running a tiling business, managing accounts, advertising, quoting, ordering resources, using tools, repairing, fixing and replacing tiles, tiling in both residential and commercial areas, styling and design, tiling patterns, shaping, advanced bordering, uneven surfaces, adhesives and LOADS  more.

Read the full course itinerary by following the link below:

Learn more about our 13 day ultimate tiling course

We are specialists in teaching tiling skills, we offer expert tiling certification training that is designed to help you progress an independent career. Our tiling course prices are highly competitive and offer fantastic value for money.

10 Reasons to train with UK Pro tiling training and why people travel from all over the UK for our tiling courses.
One of the only professional dedicated tiling training centres in the UK.
  1. Over 30 years tiling experience, 15 years delivering professional fast track tiling training courses.
  2. Fully qualified L3 NVQ Tiling tutors.
  3. Expert advice on finding work, pricing jobs, selling your services and how to start a tiling business.
  4. 1000s of learners have already successfully trained with us from all over the UK and Europe and as far as Australia.
  5. Huge amounts of 5 star verified positive feedback and testimonials.
  6. One of the best pre written tiling hand outs (40 pages, 10,000 word) for you to take away for reference to your course and what to do when you leave, all chaptered for easy reading.
  7. Full personal back up knowledge aftercare service.
  8. We are easy to find with local accommodation from £25 per night.
  9. No nonsense fast track tiling training with proven programs which work and deliver the goods.
  10. Our business is to make YOU a successful person running your own tiling business.

If you’re seriously thinking of a change of career into wall and floor tiling or have your own tiling projects to do, you will not be disappointed with any of our courses .

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