The Benefits Of Becoming A Tiler with UK Pro Tiling Training

Just Imagine, being your own boss.

Just Imagine, the possibility of earning more money.

Just Imagine, being a self-employed business man.

Just Imagine, not having to answer to anyone and choosing your own work schedule.

Investing in your future

Re-training for a career is not cheap, therefore you’ll need to make the right decision on your course and be fully dedicated to your career change. Ultimately, you’ll need to consider the cost of the course and the time you’ll need to take off from work, plus accommodation fees.

Opting for a tiling course with UK Pro Tiling Training is not only about taking a tiling course, we provide the full package, it is an investment into your future as a wall and floor tiler.

How much could you earn as a tiler?

Tilers will usually charge around £20 per metre square for fitting ceramic tiles, or £150-£200 per day (in the north) or around £30 per metre (in the South) for general domestic tiling work.

It may help to think of an average bathroom (which is roughly 25 square meters on the walls and 8 square meters on the floor) as 3 days of work, for which you could earn around £700.

A conservatory floor tiling job would be roughly 12 square metres, and should take only a day to complete (£240). Kitchen splash backs can earn you between £150 and £200 for the day, plus material profits.

What’s more, good tilers are usually always in demand so earning a good income as a tiler is very likely. In addition to the rates above, you can earn extra profit by selling the necessary materials and adhesives for a job to your customers, using discount through your trade accounts.

Therefore, once you get established and up to speed as a professional tiler, £1000 profit per week could be achieved.

Testimonial from Shane who attended our course

“I would like to thank Darren at UK Pro Tiling Training for the opportunity and knowledge that he gave me. I completed the How To Tile For A Living Tiling Course 3 years ago, with very little knowledge of the tiling industry and with only basic tiling skills, at best. I was stuck in a dead end job, which I hated, so thought it was time I made a change in my life.

The course was superb, all of Darren’s tiling trade secrets and business knowledge were passed on through the program, which were outstanding! Darren, without a doubt, is the cleverest business wise man I have met and without his knowledge, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

After finishing the tiling course, with Darren’s help, I started trading for a while as a sole trader, under the name of A Star Tiling, gaining confidence in what I was taught on the course, on every job. Later in the business, I added a joinery side to the business and then a plumbing division.

Fast forward to date, I now have four vans, two joiners, two other tilers, myself and a plumber and am doing extremely well.

I decided to change my name from A Star Tiling, as we now offer more than just tiling and go for the bigger picture. So, 3 years on, I am now the director of A Star Contracting Limited, who renovates shops, bars and hotels.

We have successfully renovated two hotels in the Lake District and a 5* B&B, The Belsfield Hotel in Windermere. We have also tiled The Dome Boutique, McDonald’s and various hotel spas, amongst countless smaller jobs.

I have just won a contract for the Queens Hotel in Keswick and a BMW garage in Carlisle, and I owe it all to Darren. Without his tiling and business knowledge given on the course to get me started, I would never have known where to even start with a business, let alone seen the bigger picture. Had I not taken the chance and chosen this tiling course, I would still be stuck in a dead end job.

I hope Darren reads this and realises how useful everything that he told me on the course really was, and couldn’t thank him enough for it, the course really works and produces everything you need to know. I am very happy in my life now and my family is well provided for. I have even taken the same business advice and set my wife up with her own hairdressing business, and also opened a deli which I have my mother working in. Life is going well, thanks again Darren for all the tiling skills you taught me and your business advice. Best money I have ever spent.

Regards, Shane.”

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