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Mobile Card Payments For Tilers

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Posted Date: April 25, 2016

Mobile card payments for tilers

Are you a wall and floor tiling tradesman working within the domestic market?

Most tiling tradesmen prefer to take cash or cheque for the job but are you missing out by not taking card payments?

With technology making massive leaps forward it has become affordable and available for sole traders and companies to take payments with a credit or debit card from their customers with a GPS card machine.

These GPS card machines can be used anywhere, it simply acts as a mobile payment machine like you see in shops bars and restaurants, customers simply complete the payment transaction by inserting their card in the machine and entering their details and the payment is then made and credited to your bank account.


Prices for mobile card machines can be from as little as £20 per month to rent the terminal plus a small percentage charge of the payment.

There are lots of providers out there that can offer mobile card facilities so looking around and comparing companies and services is advisable, tradesman could also esquire at their own bank to see what they can offer them.


Taking payments from a credit or debit card can give your business a huge increase in revenue, consumers are so used to paying for goods now with these type of cards so are not fazed when it comes to paying for tradesman services in the same way.

Some people who don’t have the ready available cash can still employ the services of a tradesman and pay with their credit card, this means that the tradesman is getting paid for jobs where the customer might not of been in a position to pay had they only had a cash option.

Another benefit is that the money is paid directly into the tradesman€s bank therefore saving on downtime of having to visit the bank to deposit the cash.

UK Pro Tiling Training who teach fast track tiling courses advise all their students to take this route of accepting mobile card payments once they have started their businesses, it is one of the many ways that you can offer a better service to your customers and also increase your revenue and cash flow.

Anyone looking for professional tiling courses and fast track tiling training can contact UK Pro Tiling Training on 07960 286957.

Not only do we teach tiling we also give you an understanding how to start and run a full tiling business.

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