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Mirror Tiles

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Posted Date: January 10, 2020

Do you have your own tiling project (or perhaps a customer) that requires a style of tile to embrace and enhance the light in their home or commercial environment? Is it time to make the space feel bigger, brighter and lighter?

The perfect solution? Mirror tiles


The use of mirror tiles can offer hugely versatile tiling solutions. They provide fantastic contrast and depth for kitchen splashbacks. Not only do they reflect the light where it is needed, mirror tiles offer the opportunity to make a feature wall and can be viewed as ultra – modern with 21st century styling and design.

Mirror tiles also offer a retro or traditional look. Antique mirror tiles have become highly sought after and have become one of the most popular tiles for feature walls and splash backs. Stylish solutions include the ‘distressed vintage’  look, and with varying colourways such as bronze or gold, mirror tiles give a very opulent feel to a tiling project.

Interior mirror tiles offer a large influx of light and brightness into the space. Mirror fragments easily decorate uneven section of walls and look amazing in a niche or alcove. The room can acquire the effect of an illusion since mirror tiles can give the effect of either expanding or narrowing the space of a room. Even better, they can offer design features such as a mirror column. So, all in all, this type of tile breathes a lot of light into the room.

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There are several types of mirror tile including: Mirror square tiles in both large or small size, brick mosaic tile, small mosaic tiles, mosaic straight brick tiles and the bevelled mirror tile. These all can be used to expand the visual space of any room in the home or commercial space to create a look that can range from a large mirror on the wall to a decorative mural. Tiles can be available in the traditional silver-backed mirror finish, or you can get them backed with gold or brass. A recommended method on how to use the tiles is to make large, segmented mirror walls in bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways.

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