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How To Maximise Your Earnings As A Tiler

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Posted Date: April 25, 2016

How to maximize your earnings as a tiler.

Self Employed
If you are self employed or thinking of going self employed as a wall and floor tiler then you need to start thinking about how to maximise you earnings.

Getting started on a wall and floor tiling course is a good start to a new self employed career as a tiler, however people fail to see that there is a lot more to running a tiling business than just having good tiling skills. To make a good profitable career out of tiling you need to become a master of running a business, which includes marketing and Sales.

If you attend a tiling course that doesn’t cover marketing and sales skills, you will find it really hard running your business once you leave the course. Questions to ask: who your trainer is, what is his self-employed experience, how successful has he been and does he cover in depth how to make money from tiling.


You need to be taught by someone who has been there, done that etc.

Neglect your marketing and sales skills and you wont have any jobs to do unless its your own and that doesn’t pay.

Darren the owner of UK Pro Tiling Training will be tutoring you on all aspects of our tiling courses with over 30 years successful self employed experience and over 11 years personally delivering the actual tiling training program.

On all of UK Pro Tiling Training courses, you will receive a full professional understanding of how to tile practically and run a business like Ross pictured here but also knowledge on how to find work and implement sales into your tiling services.


We have developed an additional 1 day Maximizing Your Earnings course which goes very deep into the world of sales phycology, understand this and your earnings will rise very rapidly.

  • Just Imagine if you won business from nearly every customer you quoted for.
  • No more of the answer I will get back to you or I will think about it, then never to here from them again
  • Just imagine how much money you could be loosing out on by not converting an estimate or quote for a job?

Sales phycology is very important if you are self employed (think of why there are top salesman earning mega money and bottom salesman earning nothing in the same company, they sell the same products at the same prices) the top salesmen have been taught and use the sales techniques below on their customers which gets them buying.

If you are running a tiling business then you will have to be a salesman before you are a tiler, Just think if you go to price up a job (which in fact you are going there to sell your services), no sale, no job, no money.

What you need to know

To Maximise your earnings, you will need to understand the following

  • How important selling your services really is
  • Sales triangle
  • Prospecting
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Subliminal messaging
  • Anchoring techniques
  • The 5 key steps to success in self employment
  • Ways of finding work, indirectly
  • First Meetings with a potential customer
  • Pitching your services
  • Closing down a sale
  • Facing objections when the customer says I’ll think about it
  • Difference between the top and bottom sellers
  • Judging people
  • Understanding the market place
  • Playing on words
  • Problems with over selling and too much talk
  • Motivation
  • Jeckle and Hyde personalities
  • Understanding your customers personality
  • Mirroring and matching techniques
  • The 3 Feet rule
  • The Yes Close
  • Reading body language
  • Maximizing profits
  • Establishing common ground with your customer
  • Getting clients to like and trust you
  • Introducing yourself
  • Eye contact
  • Who is the decision maker
  • Flattery
  • Linking sales
  • The benefits and features
  • Customer buying modes
  • Tie downs
  • Enthusiasm
  • Nerve control
  • Your goals
  • Rules of reciprocation
  • Embedding commands
  • Understanding the conscious and sub conscious mind

Just Imagine how much more money you could make from extra sales and how long you could be booked up for, all you need is the know how.

UK Pro Tiling Training runs a 1 day course that can be bolted onto the tiling courses which they run, this essential knowledge can make the difference between earning lots and just getting by

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