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How to create a feature wall with tiles

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Posted Date: February 21, 2018

Feature walls come in many variations and essentially consist of a room with one wall that particularly stands out, or better known as the focal point of a room.

Some people opt to have wallpaper on their feature wall, either patterned or plain, or a bright, boldly painted wall, others opt for an interesting collage of pictures or perhaps a stencil pattern. Here at UK Pro Tiling Training, we are familiar with a variety of homeowners wanting a feature wall made with tiles.

More and more often nowadays we are approached by customers and professional tilers looking to find out more about creating a feature wall with tiles.

Therefore, we’re created a blog on how to create a feature wall with tiles! Read on to find out more.

Lime green feature wall study nook in contemporary living room

Why choose a feature wall?

Feature walls are incredibly fashionable and are associated with contemporary homes. What’s more, when chosen well, feature walls can work to make a room look bigger.

When it comes to tiled feature walls, these can be popular in kitchens, bathrooms and garden rooms.

Why tile your feature wall?

There are a few reasons why choosing tile as the material for your feature wall is advantageous.

Firstly, tiling is a very popular option in kitchen and bathrooms because it is easy to clean and is generally more resilient to damp air and steam that may come from your shower, bath or sink taps.

What’s more, there are many different patterns you can create with tiles. Whether you opt for detailed patterns with mosaic tiling or larger tile displays, the options are endless and can suit a variety of customers.

What variations of feature walls can you create with tiles?

As we have just mentioned above, there are a number of different variations you can offer for feature wall tiles.

Mosaic tiles are among the smallest types of tile available and can be arranged to create a detailed pattern to suit your customer’s ideals for a feature wall.

What’s more, you may be asked to lay a checker board pattern and wall tiled in one block colour, as well as fish tail patterns, large tiles and more.

Your feature wall may be a tiling pattern on one wall that contrasts with the tiles on the other walls of a room.

How to tile a feature wall?

Tiling a feature wall is fairly similar to tiling a wall normally, however, you will of course want to consider the pattern your customer would like and make sure that your tiles will fit the wall area.

You will also want to consider how other obstacles like shelves, baths, sinks and other obstacles may affect your feature wall.

The following article may be useful to read before planning your tiled feature wall: A brief guide to 6 common tiling patterns. After all, it is important to abide by the basic standards of patterned tiling in order to create a high-quality and successful feature wall.

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