How much does an average wall and floor tiler make?

2017 started to see the major upturn in new hosing developments appearing everywhere, building contractors are starting to be in great demand to get these new houses built to meet the demands of the shortfall in UK housing.
One million new houses are needed by 2020 to accommodate the UKs growing population.Laying ceramic floor tiles - man hands closeup


All construction trades are in demand especially tilers, there are two directions of work for a wall and floor tiler, one is the domestic market where people are getting there own homes remodelled and the other is site work to actually build the houses, tiling plays a big part of the internal remodelling.


The UK is currently seeing a mass shortage of wall and floor tilers, which are pushing up the prices on both sides of the trade, tilers are averaging around £30 per metre for fitting only or a minimum £200 plus, per day.


This equates to some tillers earing between £50K-£70K per year and are constantly in demand for their work.


UK Pro Tiling Training is one private training provider that is helping out with the shortfall. They offer fast track intensive professional tiling courses ranging between 1-3 weeks, courses start from as little as £450 and can set you well on your way to a lucrative career as a tiler.

Skills needed to be a tiler

Some basic maths skills are required to be a tiler to work out areas and materials as it is the tilers job to estimate the price for the work.
A keen eye for detail, tiling is a precise job where cuts have to be measured and cut accurately
General fitness and good health are needed, as tiling can be quite physical especially if you have to remove old tiles in preparation to starting a job.
Cleanliness as you have to work clean to avoid stains from cement adhesives.

If you are looking to change career and would like more information about tiling as a career then contact UK Pro Tiling Training  who will be happy to help with any questions

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