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Focus on A Career in Tiling

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Posted Date: February 8, 2020

February 2020 sees the launch of the National Apprenticeship Week with businesses and employers, schools and colleges offering a huge and varied selection of apprenticeships across all sectors of work. Learning, training and professional development continues throughout your working career and doesn’t just stop there, as training or learning a new skill in our spare time is just as important and enriches our lives.

Tiling Courses StudentWe are always looking to make an improvement in our working or social lives. In the UK we are quite obsessed with DIY.  Have you ever spent time channel hopping on your TV and observed that there is plethora of TV programmes that are based upon improving and updating our homes, buying chateaus or apartments abroad, moving to the coast or the country, and makeovers in minutes? Well, to ‘makeover a room in minutes will require the skills of trained professionals to successfully improve a room’s style and purpose.

The National Apprenticeship Week is a great event for focusing the mind to think about your future in your workplace. At UK Pro Tiling Training the training courses available will more than make it possible for a complete change of career without having to sign up for a lengthy apprenticeship or training course. If you are struggling with your work / life balance and it seems that you are working extremely hard but not getting that job satisfaction you are looking for, then it could be time for seriously considering a change of your career and becoming a trained tiler.

Tiling Course StudentSelf-employment will most certainly give you the control over your work/life balance as you want it to be. The training courses at UK Pro Tiling Training offer not just complete practical tiling training but will give sound and proven 5* training in starting your own business and how to run your own business. For many, it is likely to be a daunting challenge taking sole responsibility for your business. From quoting and producing estimates for a job, time management, finding good suppliers and working through the paperwork involved such invoicing, bookkeeping and the all important marketing of your business and yourself as a top class tiler.

In the UK alone around 80% of us attempt DIY projects and around 56% of us have ‘botched the job. So, given our desire to continue to improve our homes as we are encouraged on our TVs (and some of us not doing it terribly well!) UK Pro Tiling Training also have shorter courses for those of us that may have a chateau or country cottage to ‘do up’ which will cover all the basic skills required to become a competent wall and floor tiler (and not be among the 56% of ‘botchers’!).

5 Day Wall Floor Tiling Course

Finally another fantastic advantage of having a skill for which you have been fully trained and being a proficient tiler; it is a transferable skill, so, if are thinking of ‘living the dream’ and moving away from the UK, maybe heading out to Europe or further afield, you will be able to continue your career, taking into consideration the administration and registration of your business in the country you choose to work.

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