Looking for good tiling courses

There are many providers which will promise to deliver good training, but what do you really need to know when thinking of retraining as a wall and floor tiler. Tiling courses come in a range of lengths from 1-week short fast track courses up to 2 years part-time at a local college, so which one […]

Shortage of construction workers

Shortage of construction workers in the UK. The solution to the UKs housing shortage could be delayed due to a severe lack of tradesman currently working in the UK. Skilled tradesman in the construction trade are now some of the most sort after professional people in the country, this is resulting in some tradesman’s wages […]

How to grout professionally

How to grout a tiled wall or floor and get a professional finish You have just finished tiling your bathroom, now its time for the grouting to be done; here are some professional tips to make the job look perfect. If you are using a tub adhesive to fix your tiles then leave at least [...]

How to repair a cracked tile

How to Repair a cracked tile If you have a cracked tile on your floor or wall tiles then you will need to repair it. A crack in your floor tiles could mean more underlying problems such as loose floor boards or a plywood underlay that is not thick enough to support the tiles which […]

Mobile card payments for tilers

Mobile card payments for tilers Are you a wall and floor tiling tradesman working within the domestic market? Most tiling tradesmen prefer to take cash or cheque for the job but are you missing out by not taking card payments? With technology making massive leaps forward it has become affordable and available for sole traders […]