How much can you earn as a wall and floor tiler?

All construction trades are in demand – but that’s especially true for tilers. The UK is currently seeing a mass shortage of wall and floor tilers, which is pushing up prices and creating opportunities. There are two directions of work for an aspiring wall and floor tiler. One is the domestic market where people remodel […]

Patterned tiling

Patterned floor tiles, particularly those with geometric shapes, started to become really popular in the middle of the 19th century. Public buildings and illustrious villas, along with churches, were originally the places to find this touch of Victorian grandeur. They soon became fashionable and, as manufacturing costs fell, elaborately decoratively tiled floors began to filter […]

Tessellation or Tiling? The Genius of the Tiling Pattern

Tessellations – that is a word that takes you back to your Maths classes! Do you remember looking at the different tessellations and coming across words such as vertex and polygons and working out the patterns? (Or maybe not!) So what is the definition of a tessellation (tiling pattern)? Well, this is when a surface is […]

Tiling A Barbeque Area

What would your ultimate barbeque area look like? There are so many options – you could build a permanent structure, have a traditional barrel style coal burner, or opt for one of the more extravagant gas burning stoves. Whatever you decide to cook on, having a bright new tiled area for the barbeque could add […]

Quiz night!

For the last few weeks we have had to adapt to a new way of living and working with some of us having to learn new skills (like how to home school the kids! ),new ways of working and communicating with each other. And new words like Zoom, House Party and Tik Tok that have […]