How to tile around windows

Tiling around a window is no easy task and that’s why it is a job most often left to a tiling professional. After all, if mistakes are made it can be costly to put right and, ultimately, without paying significant attention to detail and doing a decent job, the end result can look terrible, leading […]

20 Bathroom tile patterns

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your bathroom tile patterns should be simple and plain (bland and boring…). There are huge variations of tiling options that can add a great zest of life to your bathroom. Whether you are looking for tile ideas for small bathrooms or larger washrooms, take a look at the 20 […]

10 different types of tiles (Pros and cons)

When it comes to tiling your home, it can often be overwhelming to choose which tiles you like best. First of all, there’s the decision to actually having tiles at all, with so much laminate and vinyl alternatives available for flooring nowadays, it can take a while to opt for tiles. Particularly since tiles are [...]

How to tile on tile

As experts in the tiling industry, we have come across many questions throughout our many years in business. In this article, we’re answering the question: “Can you tile on top of wall tiles?”. Can you tile on top of wall tiles? There are 4 main considerations to take into account before tiling on tile: Is […]

What is the best type of tile to use in a bathroom?

When it comes to choosing the walls and floors for a domestic bathroom, tiles tend to be the choice that comes out on top. After all, the bathroom is a place that is bound to get wet and, therefore, non-waterproof flooring, like carpet and real wood floors, are often disregarded (and with complete sense!) when […]