How to Choose The Best Fireplace Tiles

Fireplaces were traditionally decorated ornately with tiles. As interior design fashions and fads have changed over the years, often these fireplaces were buried behind smooth plastered walls. Interestingly, particularly as wood and other fuel burners are becoming more popular, fireplaces with tiles are seeing the light again. From traditional Georgian designs to more modern decorative […]

The best tiles for kitchen floors

The kitchen is often thought of as the heart and soul of a home. Often a “meeting room” for families- whether that be in the morning over breakfast or sharing the day’s events as an evening meal is prepared.   Kitchen floors take some heavy duty wear. From boots and shoes, animals, food spillages and […]

How to install mosaic tiles

While mosaic tiles may be tricky to work with, they look fantastic when they’re applied. Mosaic tiles tend to be supplied as sheets already fixed to a soft mesh backing. Ordinarily, these sheets are 300mm square, enabling large areas to be tiled without worrying about spacers between the individual mosaics.   When you first discover […]

How to tile a floor

Tiling a floor is slightly different to tiling a wall in that it needs to be durable to foot traffic. The last thing you want is to spend time and money laying a floor only to find your floor won’t last the journey. Darren Yorke, founder of UK Pro Tiling Training, believes that any professional […]

Tips for tiling a kitchen wall

Tiles on a kitchen wall look great. As a result, tiled kitchen walls are popular. Let’s face it when we are cooking spaghetti bolognese and stirring the sauce in a pan on the hob, we can just about handle splashes of tomato on the tiles above the cooker. When it comes to red splashes on […]