Preparing walls for tiling

As you get ready to tackle that tiling job, it is worth spending time to make sure the surface is perfectly prepared. Some care and attention now could avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment of being called back later on. Some simple checks. Check for signs of wall hangings, old hooks, screws or nails. Remove these […]

Focus on A Career in Tiling

February 2020 sees the launch of the National Apprenticeship Week with businesses and employers, schools and colleges offering a huge and varied selection of apprenticeships across all sectors of work. Learning, training and professional development continues throughout your working career and doesn’t just stop there, as training or learning a new skill in our spare […]

Tile Cutting – A Comprehensive Guide

Throughout your tiling career, you will likely find yourself working with lots of different kinds of tiles: from weak ceramic tiles to thick ceramic tiles, to heavy duty porcelain tiles. They all cut in slightly different ways, and so you need the power of professional tile cutters to do the job properly.   Whether you are […]

Ever thought about attending a Tiling Trade Show?

What would be the advantage of considering taking time out to attend a trade show? First and foremost, it is a great way to network with other professionals in the tiling business and make new contacts. Trade shows are a fabulous way of finding out about new products on the market, attending product demonstrations and […]