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Can anyone Become a Wall and Floor Tiler

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Posted Date: July 26, 2017

Can anyone become a tiler?

Tiling can be a great career choice, just think of all the floors, bathrooms and cloakrooms in peoples businesses and houses, you could be tiling these projects yourself with some quality training under your belt from a professional tiling course.

Skills required to become a tiler.

No prior tiling skills is necessary if you want to take a fast track course but the following skills are good to have.

Patients is a good skill to have as tiling is all about attention to details making sure you get all your tiles fixed squarely and your cuts measured accurately.

Good DIY skills, it is beneficial to have a natural ability to do jobs with your hands as tiling is very manual, thinking out situations and solving problems is also a good skill to have.

General fitness, tiling can get quite physical especially if you have to carry your customer’s tiles and products into their property from your van or from a customer’s garage.

Maths skills, in tiling you will be calculating areas and pricing jobs so being good with numbers is a big help.

Communications skills, talking and having good interpersonal skills will be of benefit when dealing with your potential customers.


Tradesman’s wages are set to rise significantly in the next few years due to supply and demand, currently there is a massive shortfall of professional tilers, couple this up with around 1million houses which need to be built in the next 3 years then you have a trade where people will pay high rates for you to get the work done.

Some tilers are making in excess of £60K per year from a job which they enjoy doing getting satisfaction from seeing the end results from their tile fixing.

How can you learn the tiling trade.

There are a few professional fast track tiling courses, UK Pro Tiling Training is one of the very best, they have pro tiling courses ranging from 1-3 weeks which are suitable for anyone with no prior tiling experience, here you can fast track your way to a new lucrative career, there is also a full business start up program included so you will not only learn how to tile correctly, you will also learn how to find work, price and estimate areas, deal with backgrounds and prepare them all wrapped up in one course.

Interested of becoming a wall and floor tiler then visit for more information or call 0333 335 0604.

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