Get Social To Expand Your Business

Posted by: , October 26th 2020

Love it or loathe it, social media is here to stay. And it’s not just about sharing pictures of your dinner or your cute pets. Using social media accounts could be one of the most efficient (even free) ways of marketing your fledgling tiling.

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Tiling Staircases

Posted by: , September 27th 2020

Staircases are not always the most glamorous installation in your home unless you live in a grand, luxurious large home where the staircase makes a big impression on opening the front door.  Tiled staircases can really make an incredible,.

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Tips for Tiling a Bathroom

Posted by: , September 27th 2020

Bathrooms are surely the no.1 choice to decorate using tiles, with tiles having the most practical, hardwearing and waterproof properties as well as a huge choice of styles, colours shapes and sizes. How easy is it to tile a bathroom? With.

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Beyond The Tiles

Posted by: , August 27th 2020

As you start to grow your business and want to offer your customers the very best service, you may be able to save yourself (and your customers) some time and, indeed, money. If you can acquire some additional skills and knowledge outside of.

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