Mirror tiles

Posted by: , January 10th 2020

Do you have your own tiling project (or perhaps a customer) that requires a style of tile to embrace and enhance the light in their home or commercial environment? Is it time to make the space feel bigger, brighter and lighter? The perfect.

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Changing rooms for 2020

Posted by: , January 10th 2020

As a professional tiler, there are endless opportunities to facilitate change.  Change in designs and looks for rooms of all types, commercial rooms, domestic rooms, interior and exterior rooms. Working with pattern and colour, the varying shapes.

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Can You Tile Over Existing Tiles?

Posted by: , December 2nd 2019

It is an often-asked question. The short answer is, yes, absolutely you can tile over tiles. In fact, a lot of the basic rules for tiling still apply, exactly as they do for any surface. Without a sound, solid base, no tiling job will ever be.

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