Tips for tiling a kitchen wall

Posted by: , November 8th 2018

Tiles on a kitchen wall look great. As a result, tiled kitchen walls are popular. Let’s face it when we are cooking spaghetti bolognese and stirring the sauce in a pan on the hob, we can just about handle splashes of tomato on the tiles above the.

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How to Grout Floor Tiles

Posted by: , October 5th 2018

How To Grout Floor Tiles Whilst it sounds extremely simple, grouting floor tiles isn’t always easy. What’s more, when the job’s not done right, the floor doesn’t look right! You can choose the best looking tiles in the shop but if you make.

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How to tile around windows

Posted by: , August 26th 2018

Tiling around a window is no easy task and that’s why it is a job most often left to a tiling professional. After all, if mistakes are made it can be costly to put right and, ultimately, without paying significant attention to detail and doing a.

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20 Bathroom tile patterns

Posted by: , August 3rd 2018

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your bathroom tile patterns should be simple and plain (bland and boring…). There are huge variations of tiling options that can add a great zest of life to your bathroom. Whether you are looking for.

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