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Are you a Plumber and Missing Out on Tiling Work?

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Posted Date: September 4, 2016

Are you a plumber looking to learn how to tile? IMG_22871-900x600


If you are a plumber and do not currently tile you could be missing out on some serious cash.

Most customers would prefer 1 tradesman to complete the whole job without having to rely on multiple tradesman who can let them down at the last minute. If you are already an existing plumber then why not offer your customer a full bathroom installation service and watch your earning dramatically increase.

Customers are generally prepared to pay a lot more for 1 tradesman to complete the full installation.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are becoming quite mainstream in properties all over the UK, from trendy apartments to elderly and disabled bathrooms, again your plumbing skills coupled with tiling skills will see you completing these kind of jobs with ease, again your earnings will rise very suddenly.


UK pro Tiling Training are fast track tiling specialists, we have had lots of enquiries lately from plumbers looking to add tiling to their skills.

On the course you will cover huge amounts of practical exercises and product / background information and see what is entailed to tile like a professional, acquire the know how of what is required to install a wet room along with tanking systems and aqua trays etc.


Anyone interested in learning to tile professionally in the fastest possible time can visit our website, to find out more please visit

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