Love it or loathe it, social media is here to stay. And it’s not just about sharing pictures of your dinner or your cute pets. Using social media accounts could be one of the most efficient (even free) ways of marketing your fledgling tiling business. As we talked about last month, the construction industry and all of its sub-contracting trades, seem to have ridden out the storm of Covid-19 restrictions and developers both large and small are cracking on with projects.

We tilers need to be part of that and networking, getting your name out there, is essential so that we all get our share of the opportunities available. 

Don’t simply target major construction projects.

It’s great to find some big contracts and have work planned in the long term, but your bread and butter customers are likely to be the domestic clients who are in need of a new bathroom tiling or a patio laid. One great way to let people know about your skills and your business is to use targeted social media posts. 

It’s ok to cheat a bit!

Unsure what to post on your new social media channels? Don’t be afraid to have a sneaky look at what other businesses are posting. You don’t need to just look at other tiling businesses, any tradesperson or small business that is successfully engaging their social media audience are doing something right. Look at their style, whether their posts seem to follow a theme, the way in which they engage their followers. Develop your own style of course, but don’t be afraid to use tactics which appear to have been successful for others.

Preparation, preparation, preparation.

Have a plan. Over the course of the week your posts could develop on a theme, the idea being that your audience will feel compelled to look out for your follow up posts. And be consistent, we all tend to trust the social media accounts which we know will be sharing them content on a regular basis.

Be informative, tell a story.

Try and avoid the obvious “Tiler available” type posts. Instead share thoughts on current trends and styles or new products on the market, let your audience know that you are immersed in the world of tiling.

Be part of the conversation.

Even if you’ve had a long day tiling and need to get showered and cook dinner, try not to ignore people who comment on your posts. Finding time to do this could be the key to expanding your customer base. Engage with anybody that shows an interest, they might just be your next client.

So, if you’ve completed one of our courses and are setting out as a tiler into the daunting world of the self employed, keep your social media accounts ticking over and don’t forget our optional Elite Membership Package, which entitles you to ongoing support and information as you start to grow your business and put your new skills to use.


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