Change your career with our expert tuition. Our professional tiling training is taught at the highest levels possible and are designed to make you ready for work, we will not only teach you how to be an expert tiler with all the tricks of the trade, but will also give you all the info you need to setup a tiling business and go self employed.

1 Day Natural Stone and Business Essentials Course
Course Cost: £199
Course Duration: 1 Day
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1 Day Natural Stone and Business Essentials Course
Tiling Training

Not only is our tiling training taught to the highest level possible, our tiling courses are designed in order to make you ready to work. We will teach you the tricks of the tiling trade and you will, no doubt, become an expert tiler. In addition, you will receive all of the necessary information you need to setup a tiling business and go self-employed.

If you are thinking of starting a tiling business, then this 1-day natural stone and business course is essential, this 1-day course that follows on from our 4-day fast track tiling courses.

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By the end of the course, you will have a full understanding of all the natural stone tiles, marble, slate, granite, porcelain, travertine and terracotta etc. After all, natural stone installation is about 30% of a tilers work.

On this course you will also gain an understanding of wet rooms and tanking systems, and learn about cement backer boards, which are more stable than plywood overlays and levelling floors. Youll also learn how to drill holes in natural stone, fit them and cut this type of tile with diamond-tipped cutting tools. You will additionally gain an understanding of all the appropriate sealers that go with these tiles.

Real life situations

This extra day also covers a lot of situations that you will find outside of a training centre which can cause problems if you dont know how to deal with them, Under floor heating, tanking systems, anti crack mats, 3 way external mitring, decoupling membranes, movement joints, herringbone, diamond and multi room patterns, porcelain testing, trade accounts etc. This course is, therefore, about preparing you for the real world of customer tiling.

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During the one-day course, we will provide you with all the business advice from start-up right up to advanced business knowledge you need as a tiler, from keeping your accounts, finding work and selling your service to your customers You have to have these sales skills for you to make a lot of money otherwise your competition will be the ones taking your work.

Reading material

You will also receive an additional extensive manual to take away with you, that covers all these challenging situations and how to deal with them professionally.

Ultimately, you wont regret adding this 1 day natural / business course on to your 4 day fast-track experience.

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To enquire about this course

Please call Tracey on 07960 286 957 ( 9am – 7pm)

The 1 Day Natural Stone / Business Tiling Training Course Includes:
  • How to get started and run a tiling business
  • Different ways of making money from tiling
  • Pricing work
  • Sales and marketing
  • Up selling to the customer
  • Keeping accounts
  • Setting up trade accounts with suppliers
  • Trade prices of materials
  • Identification of natural stone tiles
  • Cleaning and maintenance of natural stone
  • Knowledge of fixing and sealing Granite, Marble, Slate, Travertine, Terrazzo, Teracotta, Limestone and Quarry Tiles
  • Sealing tiles to stop grout stains
  • Stain removal
  • Different sealer products
  • Prices
  • Fixing Slate and Marble to walls and floors
  • Cutting natural stone
  • Drilling natural stone
  • Use of water cooled diamond tipped hole cutters
  • Use of water cooled diamond tipped machine cutters
  • Cement backer board installation
  • Decoupling membranes
  • Wet rooms
  • Under floor heating
  • Levellers
  • Advanced ¬†multiple layout designs
  • Random pattern tiles
  • 3 way external mitres
  • Latest product Info from tiling companies
  • Pre made Step by step notes for you to take away as a reference on how to fix each individual tile

Price £199 inc vat

You will receive UK Pro Tiling Training Certification which you can use as part of your tiling credentials.

NVQ’s – Building Site Work

You will be trained to above NVQ standard. Certification can be obtained through independent assessment. Please contact us to discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a full list of frequently asked questions, head over to our tiling course FAQs to learn more.

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