1 Day Business, Problem Solving and Natural Stone Course

This 1 day problem solving, How to start a tiling business and How to deal with natural stone course is essential if you’r looking to make Money from tiling and want to know how tiling works and solve problems in peoples homes. This course could change your life as it shows you exactly what you need to do to run a successful tiling business and understand how to deal with challenging tiling situations that you will face after leaving the training centre.

Course price £125 inc vat

The course is split into 3 sections in the day

Part 1: Difficult Tiling Situations

This day covers a lot of situations that you will find outside of a training centre which can cause problems if you don’t know how to deal with them:

We cover the following in this section

  • Underfloor heating, electric and water
  • Wood to concrete tiling situations
  • How to tile modula random pattens
  • Identifying the difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles
  • How to box in pipes
  • How to apply anti-crack mats,
  • Different Cement boards and how to fix them
  • Cement board installation guides
  • How to back butter large tiles and why you should do it
  • Wet rooms installations
  • How to tile a bath panel
  • Tile suction lifting devices
  • 3 different level clip systems
  • How to repair uneven walls
  • How to repair holes in walls
  • How to apply tanking Systems
  • 3 way external mitring
  • Which decoupling membranes to use
  • How to put movement joints in
  • How to test porcelain tiles to stop staining

Part 2: How to maximise an income and run a tiling business

This course follows on from our 4 day fast track tiling course and makes the difference between business success and failure. Just because you may be great at sticking tiles on doesn’t mean that you are going to make big money. There are plenty of tradesmen who do not maximise their income. This is because they don’t know how to properly advertise, build a customer base and more importantly know how to sell their tiling services effectively.

Not only is our professional tiling training taught to the highest level possible, this problem solving,  natural stone and business course is absolutely essential and is designed to make you ready to work. We will teach you how to succeed and make a lot of money from tiling. In addition, you will receive all of the necessary information you need to go self-employed.

  • How to put a full customer estimate together
  • How to price jobs for different pattens
  • How to find work and advertise your services
  • How to look for the best paying tiling jobs
  • How to open trade accounts
  • How to pay yourself a wage
  • How to work out your tax
  • How to keep your accounts
  • How to connect with your customers
  • How to get motivated for success

Part 3: Dealing with Natural Stones

Dealing with Natural Stones is different to ceramic tiling, and by the end of this course you will have a full understanding about how to fit all the natural stone tiles

  • marble
  • slate
  • granite
  • porcelain
  • travertine
  • terracotta etc
  • After all, natural stone installation is about 30% of a tilers work.

You’ll also learn how to drill holes in natural stone, fit them and cut this type of tile with diamond-tipped cutting tools. You will additionally gain an understanding of all the appropriate sealers that go with these tiles.

This course is, therefore, about preparing you for the real world of customer tiling.

You will be issued with 2 certificates at the end of this day documenting the units and learning outcomes you have passed

1 day course price £125

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