Tiling with metro brick tiles

Why not transform your kitchen splash back with one of the latest looks, metro or subway tiles in a brick bond pattern.

These tiles come in an array of different colours to add life to your old kitchen, from vibrant reds to clean whites and deep black gloss.


These tiles are usually ceramic so any adhesive will do, use a 6mm notched trowel for applying your adhesive. Lay the first row of tiles (Row A) along the worktop then measure the length of the metro tile and make a mark at the half way point of the top and bottom of the tile, once achieved put this half way mark on the joint on the second row (B), you will now have the second row exactly half way over the first, tile this row then start row (A) again on the third row matching the joint on the first row.

This is called a brick bond pattern. To start the return wall, make sure you use a tile roughly the same size as the piece you cut off against the internal wall, this is called a wrap return, what you are doing is giving a look as if the tile has been bent around the wall and started off again.

Once the kitchen has been tiled, proceed to grout up the job.

For more information on how to tile visit our tiling courses website www.tiling-courses.co.uk to find out more about how to tile professionally

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