How to repair a cracked tile images-3

If you have a cracked tile especially in a shower area then this can cause significant damage if not replaced due to water getting behind the tile and soaking into the surface of the wall.

This tile must be replaced, here is a step by step guide on doing the job


Grout rake or flat head screwdriver, hammer, chisel, safety glasses and gloves


It is important that you protect your eyes due to the chippings that can come off tile when doing this repair, gloves are also to be worn to protect the hands from cuts.

Removal images-2

The grout will be binding all the tiles together therefore the first stage would be to remove all the grout from around the tile to be removed freeing it up from the rest, use a grout rake or flat headed screwdriver to do this job by repetitively scraping the grout

Get your hammer and start hitting the tile in the middle until it starts cracking.

Once the tile has cracked and you have created a hole in the middle of the tile then take your hammer and chisel and tap out the cracked pieces from inside out, this will prevent you damaging the good tiles surrounding the cracked one.

Once this tile is removed, chisel off the old adhesive on the wall until flat.

Apply new adhesive to your replacement tile and fix. Once achieved grout the joint back up.

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