How much can you earn as a wall and floor tiler?

How much does an average wall and floor tiler make? 2017 started to see the major upturn in new hosing developments appearing everywhere, building contractors are starting to be in great demand to get these new houses built to meet the demands of the shortfall in UK housing. One million new houses are needed by [...]

Choosing the right tiling training centre

Choosing a tiling training centre If you’re looking for a career change and your good at DIY then you’re maybe considering a wall and floor tiling course to turn your hobby into a business. There are a few options to choose from, one is a local college where you would sign up for a two [...]

How to become a tiler

Tiling is often a career that people go into at an older age. After all, the process of laying tiles is not taught in schools. That’s why tiling courses, accessible to those who have been out of the learning environment and trained in other disciplines, are extremely important for those looking to start a new […]

Can anyone become a wall and floor tiler

Can anyone become a tiler? Tiling can be a great career choice, just think of all the floors, bathrooms and cloakrooms in peoples businesses and houses, you could be tiling these projects yourself with some quality training under your belt from a professional tiling course. Skills required to become a tiler. No prior tiling skills [...]

How to find work as a wall and floor tiler

How to find work as a wall and floor tiler Learning to tile is great and after attending a good quality tiling course you may be wondering what to do next with your skills. Some tilers can earn up to £50-60K per year, heres what you need to do to find the business. How to [...]