How do you mix grout?

Grout is an essential element of any tiling project and how the grouting part of a project is completed makes an overall difference to the end result. After all, you can purchase the best tiles and apply them evenly, and then ruin the overall look with a poor grout application. Follow these steps on how […]

How to mix cement tile adhesive

So, you’ve finally chosen your new tiles to transform your kitchen, bathroom or conservatory floor, and, although, it has taken a while to choose the tiles, you’re more than happy with your choice and are ready to improve your home’s interior. However, whilst you have chosen your ideal internal tiles, it is extremely important not […]

Guide to multi-coloured wall tiles

A home is a place of character, as well as function and, ultimately, there is nothing that makes a house more plentiful than colour. Whether you usually opt for splashes of colour amongst the décor, block walls, bright wallpaper or opt for colour on all walls of the house, colour makes a big difference to […]

What is natural stone?

If you are familiar with the tiling industry and different types of tiles, then you’ll have heard about various options of floor and wall tiling that can be used in various applications. Some choices of tiling materials are made from natural stone, rather than manmade materials like vinyl and laminate tiles. Natural stone tiles are, […]

How to Grout

It is highly important to have a strong understanding of how to grout tiles before starting out on your tiling project. After all, the most expensive, pristine and unique tiles can be ruined when they are grouted in an improper fashion. Here at UK Pro Tiling Training, we are experts when it comes to how […]